Thursday, May 26, 2022

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The Gilded Age was the post-Civil War period when a new generation of powerful industrial magnates emerged in America. These captains of industry became phenomenally wealthy. They could buy all the gold and the glitter for their families but not social status. In the 19th century, the nouveau riche were not accepted in the old Knickerbocker New York society and soon turned further east to realize their social ambitions.

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When sex columnist and activist Dan Savage started his advice column, "Savage Love," he had no idea that his open, straight-talk approach would gain such enormous popularity.



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What are we constantly looking for? Romance or love? A mix of the two perhaps?

The debate over an exact definition of love may be found in literature as well as in the works of psychologists, philosophers, biochemists and other

professionals and specialists. Romantic love is a relative term, but generally accepted as a definition that distinguishes moments and situations within

interpersonal relationships to an individual as contributing to a significant relationship connection.