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Tuesday, June 25, 2019

 00 faces 2018 bsi win dyswong copy

 The winners of the 2018 Travel Photographer of the Year (TPOTY) awards have been announced, shining a light on the year’s best travel photography from over 140 countries. Italian photographer Stefano Pensotti was declared the overall winner for his stunning set of images from eight different countries, including Ethiopia, Georgia and Myanmar. His photos often show observational, intimate moments from daily life, from a man taking a nap in India to a scene of religious devotion in Senegal.

Bio pic Jimmy with kids

With his new book Homage to Humanity photographer Jimmy Nelson and his team will be presenting an all immersive experience that invites you on an extraordinary journey. Next to Nelson’s established iconic photography, this new book will contain personal interviews with the portrayed individuals, compelling travel stories and infographics. This new assemblage of remarkable voyages is accompanied by an state-of-the-art mobile application that will allow readers to view 360 ̊ film material, behind the scenes video, storytelling, and more. Welcoming you on a odyssey to the remotest and most beautiful places on earth. Therefore this book will not only be an adventure, but an investigation into a far more in-depth catalyst of ethnographic discussion as to the lasting values and importance of these precious cultures.

 hawaii kilauea volcano 1

The recent eruptions from several volcanic vents in a residential neighborhood on Hawaii’s Big Island have prompted the evacuation of thousands of residents. The Hawaiian Volcanoes Observatory said eight lava fissures had opened under Leilani Estates over the past few days. The opening of the fissures and lava flow from Kilauea Volcano follow a series of earthquakes, including a magnitude-6.9 quake on Friday, and the earlier collapse of a nearby crater, emptying the lake of lava within. The unfolding disaster is unpredictable, and may take a very long time to calm down enough to allow residents to return.

Winner 2017 

The National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest is underway. The above picture was the winner of the 2017 Contest. The 2018 competition closes on May 31 and the grand-prize winner will be awarded $10,000 (USD). Here are some of this year’s entries, gathered from three categories: Nature, Cities, and People. The photos and captions were written by the photographers, and lightly edited for style.  From June 11-15,  fans of NG will vote for their favorite photos from each category and select the Peoples’ Choice winners.


Professional photographers and amateur drone-photo enthusiasts around the world submitted images to Dronestagram and National Geographic’s 2017 competition. Following is a selected group of some of the stunning images that participated in the 4th annual International Drone Photography Contest.