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Wednesday, October 23, 2019

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Batman Live:  The Play

The live-action stage show making its debut in England this month is getting more exciting with every piece of news that comes out about it. Mostly because every new bit of information makes it seem like the most insane interpretation of Batman that has ever existed. 

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Emmy winner Neil Patrick Harris hosted the 2011 Tony Awards live from the Beacon Theater in New York City. War Horse received 5 Tony Awards including Best Play and Best Direction. The Book of Mormon got a total of 9 Tony Awards.  Normal Heart and Anything Goes each received 3 Tony Awards.

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Conspiracy booklet page 1 lg

Throughout world history, conspiracy theories have flourished as a way to explain pivotal events.  In the US  some of the most talked, discussed and written about include: the Kennedy assassinations, Pearl Harbor, 9-11, Princess Diane Assassination and even the moon landing, among others. Furthermore, since the 9/11 terrorist attacks, the number of those who believe in such theories has blossomed, creating an underground world of conspiracy theorists.

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This photo was found by a gentleman named Bob Martin a few years ago. Martin was reading David McCullough's book Truman, and a photo of construction in the White House caught his eye. It was taken during remodeling of the White House around 1950 by the National Parks Service photographer Abbie Rowe. The apparent apparition is clear and startling. Compared to the other men in the photo, its size scale is accurate. And if this were due to some motion or long exposure effect, the rest of the photo should be affected, as well.