Beams of Light
Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Photography Art Music Drama
Share photographs, establish contacts, schelude exhibits, and provide critiques. Promote art exhibitions; profile artists; commision works of art; share poetry; essays and reflections; display original visual and graphic arts. This is a space to create, display, and share original music, promote and review musical events. Share writings, upload original videos, and participate in challenges to act out portions of plays or scenes published on the site.


White Beam = Show

Signifies: what you want to express


  • showcase talents
  • participate in auditions
  • create original works
  • collaborate
  • undertake artistic challenges
Spiritual Remembrance Humanitarian
Inclusive of all beliefs, this area is dedicated to all that relates to or affects the human spirit. Festival of Lights celebrate occasions we wish to commemorate and people we remember.
Virtual events, acts of human courage, expressions of public opinion, and support for causes are encouraged and shared.
Running the gamut from personal romantic stories to advice from a respected sexologist, this area relates to all matters of the heart.


Red Beam = Touch

Signifies: what you are most passionate about


  • touch upon deeply moving issues
  • share stories
  • support a cause
  • remember loved ones
Fashion Lifestyle Support groups
Stay abreast of the latest fashion trends, share fashion and home decor advise, showcase your design and modeling talents. Get tips on better living, health and wellnessm education and home improvement..
Access expert advise in different fields, participate in virtual group discussion, share self-help tips.
Create a network of mentors, mentor others in your field and create think tanks by industry.


Green Beam = Learn

Signifies: what you hope for


  • learn from those who offer advice
  • provide guide
  • offer direction
  • provide tips on the everyday issues that most concern you
Science Space exploration
Discover the latest developments, share theories, create discussion groups.
Delve into new frontiers, learn how space discoveries can impact dailty life and generate discussions on Sci-Fi vs. Science, examine Sci-Fi in media.
Stay abreast of advances in technology, compare hardware and software features, share advice on the use of technology in different fields.
Get patent information and links, share your ideas, collaborate with others on shared initiatives.


Blue Beam = Explore

Signifies: what you are most curious about


  • explore latest developments
  • make new discoveries
  • share ideas
  • future trends