Russian Photographer Captures Dancers in a Stunning Photo Essay
Saturday, May 18, 2024
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Russian dancers Artem Gerasimov, Igor Sharoyko and Alexey Kots have joined forces with Moscow-based photographer Alex Yocu, for his first artistic nude photo series, and the results are absolutely stunning!Mr. Yocu explained his inspiration behind the homoerotic series. He met Artem, Igor and Alexey as they were rehearsing for a brand new show in Moscow which features 8 men and 8 women who will perform in the nude. "We decided together to shoot a kind of promotional materials for this performance, but the result was not exactly in the concept of upcoming performance and became this series with nude dancers," explained Yocu.






"This series has no official name," he added. "That's because I'm mostly documentary and reportage photographer and almost never give special names to my photos or series. But in this particular case this gives many opportunities for thinking, reasoning and imagination to spectators. Someone will see naked dancers in several acrobatic poses, the others – homoerotic story, the third – something more or maybe even less."




Alex was born in Moscow, Russia. He began working as a photographer in 2010. The main passion of Alex is travel photography, reportage shooting of real people, occasions and the life itself.



Since 2011 he cooperates with the main theaters and art centers of Moscow: Moscow Art Theatre, Gogol-center, Moscow Pushkin Drama Theatre, Bolshoi Theatre, Moscow Contemporary Art Center Winzavod, Platforma, Flacon, Theatre of Nations, STANTSIA art venue, Another Theatre.




Since 2012 works with magazines, shoots advertising and individual art projects. Alex is the main photo artist in Gogol-center from its grand opening in 2013 in Moscow. His recognizable works became the inalienable part of Gogol-center's individual style. These photographs are constantly published in Russian and foreign press and internet sources.















Since 2014, Alex Yocu takes part and organizes work on social and relevant current projects.  

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