Memory Lane Gallery (Part 2)

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Saturday, June 6, 2020

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These were really professional photographers who took these pictures. Note how sharp and clear most of the photos are and these are over a 100 years old. There aren't many old photos as good, remember they didn't have film or digital photo cards in those days. Most probable is that these were glass plate images and taken thru a pin hole type camera and the opening was timed just right to get a dark enough exposure. Developing was another tedious task which they had to be careful not to break the glass!



A Confederate and Union Soldier Shake Hands in 1913,

During the 50th Anniversary of the Battle of Gettysburg



Wedding Photograph of Abraham and Mary Lincoln

  in Springfield, Illinois in November 4, 1842



Two Victorian Sideshow Performers Boxing

the Fat Man and the Thin Man



Cyclists Ride in the First Tour de France, in 1903



Vintage Baked Potato Cart

A Fast Food Lunch Option Back in the Day




Filming the MGM Studios Logo



Market Street, San Francisco after the 1906 Earthquake



Prison Garb 1924. Belva Annan Murderess

whose Trial Records Became the Musical "Chicago"



Washington, D.C., circa 1919. "Walter Reed Hospital Flu Ward."

The Influenza Killed over 500,000 Americans and Millions Around the Globe 



Miss America 1924



Breast Protectors for War Workers, c. 1943



Helen Keller Meeting Charlie Chaplin



Chief Petty Officer Graham Jackson Plays "Going Home"as FDR's Body is Borne Past in

Warm Springs, GA,where the President was Scheduled to Attend

a Barbecue on the Day he Died. April, 1945



This is One of Five Known X-Rays of Hitler's Head, Part of HisMedical Records Compiled by American Military Intelligence After the German's Surrendered and Declassified in 1958



Three Days Before his 19th Birthday, George H.W. BushBecame the

Youngest Aviator in the US Navy



Female Photojournalist Jessie Tarbox on the Street with Her Camera, 1900s.



Lucille Ball, c. 1930



Mae Questel ca. 1930's, the Voice of Betty Boop and Olive Oyl, Minnie Mouse, Felix the Cat (for three Shorts by the Van Beuren Studios), Little Lulu, Little Audrey and Casper, the Friendly Ghost



Black Physicians Treating in the ER a Member of the Ku Kux Klan



Bea Arthur (Bernice Frankel) (1922-2009) SSgt. USMC 1943-45 WW II. Enlisted and Assigned as Typist at Marine HQ in Wash DC, then Air Stations in VA and NC. Best Remembered for her Title role in the TV Series "Maude" and as Dorothy in "Golden Girls"



Amelia Earhart c. 1922



Phoebe Mozee (aka: Annie Oakley). When She Outshot Famed Exhibition

Marksman Frank Butler, He Fell in Love with Her and they Married.



Maud Allen: Seductive US Dancing Girl who was Sued for Being too Lewd, Outed as a Lesbian.  She fled London after being branded a German Spy, Who was Sleeping with the Prime Minister's Wife



Female Russian bombers who bombed Germany during WW2. To stop Germans from Hearing ther Planes, They'd Climb to a Certain Height, Coast down to German Positions, Drop their Bombs, Restart their Engines in Midair and Get Out of Dodge. Their Leader Flew 200+ Missions and was Never Captured



Caroline Otero was a Curtesan who Associated Herself with the Likes of Prince Albert I of Monaco,       King Edward VII of the United Kingdom, Kings of Serbia, and Kings of Spain as well as Russian

Grand Dukes Peter and Nicholas and the Duke of Westminster. Six men Reportedly Committed

Suicide after their Love Affairs with Otero ended.Two men Fought a Duel Over Her



Zelda Boden, Circus Performer 1910



Sacajawea c. 1805. Stolenfrom the Shoshone Indians, Held Captive and Sold. She was an interpreter and Guide who Navigated Carrying her Son, Jean Baptiste, on her Back 



An essay of personal and rare celebrity photographs captured during unique and surprising moments of their lives. From politicians to movie stars; from artists and painters to philosophers and world spiritual leaders, our tour of "Memory Lane" showcases a unique view of the world of celebrities crossing paths during the 20th century and beyond.


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History in Color - COFL Photography from Community of Lights on Vimeo.


The art of giving life and color to old pictures is amazing. This video presents the original work of famous photographers who captured moment in world history throught (1980's through 1960's) and most went through the colonization art process. Many depict situations of war and difficult times but always with the spirit of enlightening.