The MTV Movie Awards 2013
Thursday, August 11, 2022

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MTV Movie Awards 2013:  Winners and Losers

Winner — James Franco: For traveling to "the real Oz," Australia, and cheerily acknowledging his maligned stint as Oscar host some years ago.

Loser — Iron Man: Because he was the coolest looking superhero around, but got completely upstaged by Rebel's similar suit of armor, the Iron Mangina.


Winner — Bradley Cooper: For cleaning up at the show with two wins, including Best Male and Best Kiss for "Silver Linings Playbook."

Losers — Fans of People Making Out: Because even though Cooper won Best Kiss, Jennifer Lawrence was nowhere in sight, so there was no chance to recreate their "Silver Linings" smooch.


Winner — Bilbo Baggins: For winning the Best Hero award against an ultra-competitive field of nominees, including Batman and the Hulk. Big things really do come in small packages!

Losers — People Who Don't Want An "Avengers"/One Direction Crossover: Because Tom Hiddleston's shout-out to Liam Payne during his acceptance speech for Best Villain brought Earth's mightiest heroes and one of


Loser — Anne Hathaway: Because even though she snagged an Oscar this year, we now know that Rebel was almost in "Les Miserables" with the award-winner, casting a nebulous cloud of what-could-have-been over an otherwise flawless performance.


Winner — Will Ferrell, Emma Watson and Jamie Foxx: For receiving the prestigious Comedic Genius, Trailblazer and Generation awards.

Losers — Will Ferrell, Emma Watson and Jamie Foxx: Because they now have nothing else to look forward to in life.

Winner — Will Ferrell's Family: For being able to go home and worship at the altar of Will's money suit. (No exaggeration. It's literally a suit made of money.)


Winner — The "Catching Fire" Trailer: For showing us a lot of what's coming up in the "Hunger Games" sequel, but still leaving so many of the greatest surprises (Finnick!) intact.

Loser — Not Rebel Wilson: Which means, she's a winner. Because if nothing else happened tonight, Rebel absolutely cemented her reputation as the greatest Australian female host in MTV Movie Awards history.