Efficient Use of Electricity
Sunday, January 29, 2023

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Use Heat-Generating Appliances at Night:

A hot oven in the heat of the day forces the AC to work harder to keep the house at a comfortable temperature. The same goes for clothes dryers and dishwashers. Use these at night when outside temps are cooler.  In the winter temperatures also tend to drop so the use of heating energy appliances will assist your heating during the times you need it most and when most families tend to be at home. Seting your thermostate efficiently will also save you some money.

Lower the Use of Hot Water:

Avoid setting your water heater in the highest setting and when appropriate, wash laundry with cold water. Soaking clothes is also a good way of getting read of though stains avoiding inefficient use of hot water.


Consider your Light Bulbs:

Turn off lights you aren't using for long periods of time and replace ten 60-watt light bulbs with compact fluorescents can make a difference in your electric bill even though you have to include the upfront cost of the replacement bulbs providing green energy.

Use Low Cookers and/or Outdoor Grills:

Go retro with a crock pot in the summer months. There's nothing that heats up a house faster than a preheating oven and a few pans on the stove top. Slow cookers, on the other hand, use less energy and won't turn your kitchen into, well, an oven.

Air-Dry Clothing:

Air-dry clothing reduces the use of electricity and if some people avoid it concerned about allergens in the air getting into our clothing, you may be able to let your clothes dry inside on hangers especially items that may need ironing which can be minimized by hanging the clothes and flatening wrinkless on pants and shirts by hand.  

Unplug Electronics:

When traveling or for longer periods of time it goes without saying. Phone chargers and camera battery chargers when they stay plugged in may be sucking electricity. By using power strips, you may shut off electricity to these devices all at once. and protect your devises during surges in electricity. Consumer Reports also found that you can save in electricity just by putting your computer on standby.