INCIDENT AT THE school of medicine’s MORGUE

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Monday, June 1, 2020
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Is common knowledge that freshman students are subjects of practical jokes and are forced to display all kind of ridiculous behavior.   But the case of “Joe The Medical Student” is different. Everyone at the fraternity house wanted to get even with Joe. Always, Joe had an answer for everything. He though he  was an expert in everything.


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The roommates where so disgusted with him they all agreed he needed a lesson and they were going to give it to him that same night.  As soon as he arrived from his classes, he was told they were having a competition to see whom from the freshman students could drink more beer and demanded he meet them at the Medicine School’s Morgue by 8:00 PM when the contest would begin. At 8:00 o’clock all fraternity dudes started drinking in preparation for the contest among the freshman. Little did “Joe The Student” know that he would be asleep in no time. they had mixed several sleeping pills on his first beer. It did not take more than a half hour and Joe was asleep on the floor after his third beer. The fraternity dudes picked him up from the floor, opened one of the metal doors where they placed the corpuses at the Morgue, undressed him and placed him inside with an ID plastic bracelet in his left foot with his name on it.

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The next morning the entire fraternity house was looking for Joe to no avail. They could not find Joe anywhere in the fraternity house. When they arrived at school, nobody had seen him anywhere and during lunch still nobody had seen him. Finally, after looking for him all over the University, they run to the morgue and opened the drawer where they had left him the night before and to their surprise...he was not there.  Seniors Medical Students were already performing an autopsy on his dead body in the next room. The ID bracelet they put on him  the night before was still hanging from his left foot ankle.