Photographer Captures the Incredible Bond Between a Dog and an Owlet

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Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Ingo and Napoleon are an incredibly unlikely pair of friends. One comes from a family deeply involved in law enforcement, the other was the smallest and weakest of 7. One could be called “ruthless,” the other wouldn’t (and probably couldn’t) hurt a fly. Ingo is a Malinois — a type of Belgian shepherd typically used by police — and Napoleon is a 1-year-old Owlet. 


Screen Shot 2017 11 28 at 12.07.25 PM 


Both animals belong to photographer Tanja Brandt, whose account is filled with pictures of the two fast friends hanging out together, cuddling, even reading. Not sure who is reading to who, but since Napoleon (who Tanja calls “Poldi”) is only one year old, we’re guessing Ingo is doing the storytelling.


 stock photo 116980045


Whatever the case, the unlikely pair make for some of the most adorable pictures you’ve ever seen. Tanja is always alone with just her animals and camera, she tells us Ingo’s training makes the whole experience much easier: "I am always alone with my animals and my cam. I have no subjects in front of the camera and sometimes, it’s a little bit hard, especially with the Harris Hawks, because I have big lens and have to go far away."


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"The dog is very very well educated. He is able to do every order by far. Head down, head right, stay, sit, everything... but not so with the birds. They learned a lot but many times they fly to me. They also know the order “stay,” though. After some photos, they can fly, play, get the ball, give Napoleon some kisses..."


 stock photo 117394353


Here are a couple of behind the scenes shots of Tanja at work with her Harris Hawks. Apparently the lens is just too tempting of a perch sometimes:


tanja 1 1500x1000


tanja 2 1500x1000


tanja 3


Tanja Brandt and Eagle


Here are more of the treasured photographs depicting the unique relationship between Napoleon and Ingo:


 stock photo 118879019


In a way, maybe the relationship between Ingo and Poldi isn’t so outrageous. One is the protector, the other the protected. Napoleon was the smallest hatchling of 7. All six of his brothers and sisters had hatched, but a couple of days later he still had not, so the breeders almost threw his egg out. But just as they were getting ready to, Poldi cracked open his shell.

 stock photo 118999929


"Ingo is quite fond of his friend: I go outside with them together — Napoleon on my hand, Ingo is free running. I do the same with my big Harris Hawks, but they are also free and can fly. Not so with Napoleon. It’s too dangerous. Every cat would kill him, he don’t know hows to live free. And so, this is why they trust each other. They respect each other and they can read each other. Ingo knows every reactions from the wild birds and if they are angry, he goes another way [...] with the wild birds, he is very soft (not with other dogs or something else)".