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Saturday, September 26, 2020

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Ever since the idea of Elon Musk of thge Hyperloop hit the world's media, a healthy dose of skepticism has been in the air.  The idea of transporting people using some kind of vacuum-like tube is neither new nor imaginative. There was Robert Goddard, considered the "father of modern rocket propulsion", who claimed in 1909 that his vacuum system could suck passengers from Boston to New York at 1,200mph.  


Soviet plans for an amphibious monorail  - mooted in 1934  - in which two long pods would start their journey attached to a metal track before flying off the end and slipping into the water like a two-fingered Kit Kat dropped into some tea. More recently, the Evacuated Tube Transport Technologies (ET3) system, patented in 1999, has visions of a 4,000mph trip from Beijing to New York. They say they have attracted many investors, but as yet there is no working prototype.  Throughout history almost all major transport innovations turn out to cost much more to develop than originally anticipated." 

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Tel Aviv to be the World's First "Digitalized City"

Digi-Tel will provide residents of the Big Orange with everything they need to know online – and the wifi is free.



If you're planning a beach day in Tel Aviv this coming summer, bring your laptop along – the wifi will be free for the taking. It's part of what Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai is portraying as "a digital revolution" that the Big Orange will be undergoing in the coming months.

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Tower One of the new World Trade Center in New York was completed in May 2013  and at 541m, it now stands proud over Manhattan, the highest skyscraper in the western world.  It is a beacon of hope on this classic skyline, a symbol of modernity and a glimpse of the future. But this gleaming new skyscraper actually has roots in a long lost world; Tower One, like all of the other skyscrapers in New York has its foundations in a past world.

NY_Skyline_Fish_EyeSkyscrapers seem to dominate this part of New York, but look a little closer and you can see very clearly that they are actually clustered in two distinct areas: Downtown, the financial hub of this great city, and Midtown - the home of the Empire State Building.

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Mobile phones that fold, razor thin handsets powered by flexible batteries or see-through solar panels built directly into a colourful screen. These visions of our mobile future may seem a world away from our rigid, fragile and power-hungry smart-phones today.But they could all soon become reality thanks to the "wonder material" known as graphene. Believe the hype and these single-atom-thick sheets of carbon could soon replace just about every material and component used in modern day smart-phones, making it lighter, faster and with more bells and whistles than ever before.


Many companies such as IBM, Samsung and Nokia are exploring the possibilities of graphene for everything from batteries and cameras to screens and ear pieces.