Stunning Images of the Drone Photography Contest
Saturday, April 13, 2024
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Following is a selected group of some of the stunning images that participated in the 4th annual International Drone Photography Contest.



First Prize - Nature - Provence, Summer Trim by Jcourtial


Professional photographers and amateur drone-photo enthusiasts around the world submitted images to Dronestagram and National Geographic’s 2017 competition. Here are the winning photographs. 


 roads 1

Second Prize - Nature - Infinite Road to Transylvania, Romania


arctic 1

Third Prize - Nature - Ice Formation by Florian



First Prize - People - End of the Line


 pink flowers

 Second Prize - People - Waterlily by Helios1412


aerisl people 1 

 Third Prize - People - La Vijanera, Spain by Feelingmovie


 building tops

 First Prize - Urban - Concrete Jungle by Bachirm


window cleaners

Second Prize - Urban - Dawon on Mercury Tower by Alexeygo


Peace By Luckydrome 3rd Place 1

Third Prize, Urban Peace by Luckydron



Creativity Two Moo by LukeMaximoBell


giant painted boat

Creativity Ugo Le Marin by Rga



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