World's First Same-Sex Marriage under Scottish Law Takes Place in Australia
Sunday, February 28, 2021
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'It's just so sad that as soon as we stepped out of the consulate and on to the street we ceased to be married in the country we call home. Today, I feel immensely proud to be a Scot, and I look forward to feeling just as proud of being Australian. Here's hoping that Australia takes note and brings in equal marriage soon.' 



Scottish LGBT Flag

Policy and Public Affairs Coordinator for the Scottish Equality Network Tom French congratulated all the couples who will marry under the new law. 'After many years of campaigning, we are delighted that as of today same-sex marriage is now legal in Scotland,' French said. 'We wish all those couples who are getting married today, and those planning to do so in future, all the best.


'In recent years Scotland has become a leading light on LGBTI equality, with one of the most progressive equal marriage laws in the world, helping to create the fair and equal society we all want to see.' This Scottish couple marrying on Australian soil while other Australian same-sex couples still cannot prompted the campaign for same-sex marriage in Australia to call for Australian lawmakers to move forward on the issue. 'I congratulate Douglas and Peter on their marriage and for being marriage equality pioneers,' Australian Marriage Equality national director Rodney Croome said, 'Most Australians will find it absurd that Douglas and Peter's solemn vows under Scottish law are not recognized in the country they have chosen to call home.' 'Australia has many historical and cultural ties with Scotland and I look forward to the time when another tie is that both countries treat all loving couples with equal dignity and respect. I call on Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to allow a free vote on marriage equality so Australia can rejoin the company of nations, including Scotland, that value equality for all.'