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The program followed in the tradition of earlier shows like "Tales of Tomorrow" (1951–1953), which also dramatized the short story "What You Need", and "Science Fiction Theatre" (1955–1957), as well as radio programs such as "The Weird Circle," "X Minus One" and the radio work of Serling's hero, dramatist Norman Corwin.  The success of the dramatic series also led to the production of a feature film, a radio series, a comic book, a magazine and various other spin-offs that spanned five decades.


    Season 1: (1959–1960)

    Episode titles were not presented on screen, but instead were usually announced by Rod Serling at the end of the preceding week's episode. "Where is Everybody?" is an exception being the first episode. Serling's promotional announcements were stripped from syndicated versions of Season 1 but restored (often only in audio form) on the Image Entertainment DVD releases.

    1 "Where Is Everybody?" Robert Stevens Rod Serling October 2, 1959

    A man (Earl Holliman) finds himself wandering in an abandoned town while struggling to find the answers about his identity and where he is. (Co-starring James Gregory.)

    2 "One for the Angels" Robert Parrish Rod Serling October 9, 1959

    A pitchman (Ed Wynn) makes a deal with Death to continue living until he makes one great sale. (Co-starring Murray Hamilton.)

    3 "Mr. Denton on Doomsday" Allen Reisner Rod Serling October 16, 1959

    A washed-up gunslinger (Dan Duryea) is given another chance by a mystery man.

    4 "The Sixteen-Millimeter Shrine" Mitchell Leisen Rod Serling October 23, 1959

    An aging film star (Ida Lupino) lives a life of seclusion in her private screening room.

    5 "Walking Distance" Robert Stevens Rod Serling October 30, 1959

    While visiting his boyhood hometown, a middle-aged executive (Gig Young) finds himself in the past.

    6 "Escape Clause" Mitchell Leisen Rod Serling November 6, 1959

    A mean-spirited, abusive hypochondriac (David Wayne) sells his soul to the Devil in exchange for immortality.

    7 "The Lonely" Jack Smight Rod Serling November 13, 1959

    An inmate (Jack Warden) sentenced to solitary confinement on a desert planet is given a gift by a sympathetic supply-ship captain. (Co-starring Jean Marsh.)

    8 "Time Enough at Last" John Brahm Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: Lynn Venable November 20, 1959

    A man who loves to read (Burgess Meredith) survives a nuclear explosion.

    9 "Perchance to Dream" Robert Florey Charles Beaumont November 27, 1959

    A man with a heart condition (Richard Conte) is afraid to fall asleep.

    10 "Judgment Night" John Brahm Rod Serling December 4, 1959

    A former U-boat commander (Nehemiah Persoff) is condemned to relive his past forever as his own victim.

    11 "And When the Sky Was Opened" Douglas Heyes Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: Richard Matheson December 11, 1959

    The crew of an experimental spaceship (including Rod Taylor and Jim Hutton) begin disappearing one by one after returning to Earth.

    12 "What You Need" Alvin Ganzer Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: Lewis Padgett December 25, 1959

    A salesman (Ernest Truex) has the ability to sell his customers exactly what they need. (Co-starring Steve Cochran.)

    13 "The Four of Us Are Dying" John Brahm Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: George Clayton Johnson January 1, 1960

    Arch Hammer (Harry Townes) is a con man who can change his face to make it look like anyone he chooses. (Co-starring Don Gordon, and Phillip Pine.)

    14 "Third from the Sun" Richard L. Bare Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: Richard Matheson January 8, 1960

    With a nuclear war about to happen, two men, led by Fritz Weaver, steal a spacecraft to take their families to a new planet. (Co-starring Joe Maross and Edward Andrews.)

    15 "I Shot an Arrow into the Air" Stuart Rosenberg Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Story: Madelon Champion January 15, 1960

    A manned space flight crash lands on what the astronauts believe to be an unknown asteroid.

    16 "The Hitch-Hiker" Alvin Ganzer Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Radio Play: Lucille Fletcher January 22, 1960

    A mysterious hitchhiker keeps appearing on the road as a woman (Inger Stevens) drives across the country.

    17 "The Fever" Robert Florey Rod Serling January 29, 1960

    While on a vacation his wife won to Las Vegas, a man (Everett Sloane) who shuns gambling becomes addicted to playing a slot machine.

    18 "The Last Flight" William Claxton Richard Matheson February 5, 1960

    A British World War I fighter pilot lands his Nieuport biplane on a 1959 American airbase after flying through a strange cloud.

    19 "The Purple Testament" Richard L. Bare Rod Serling February 12, 1960

    A lieutenant (William Reynolds) serving in World War II suddenly gains the mysterious ability to discover who is about to die via a strange flash of light across their face.

    20 "Elegy" Douglas Heyes Charles Beaumont February 19, 1960

    Running out of fuel, astronauts Meyers, Webber, and Kirby land their spaceship on a remote asteroid and find that it is already occupied. (Starring Cecil Kellaway.)

    21 "Mirror Image" John Brahm Rod Serling February 26, 1960

    A woman (Vera Miles) waiting in a bus station begins to experience strange things.

    22 "The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street" Ronald Winston Rod Serling March 4, 1960

    At the sound of the roar and the flash of light, neighbors whose contact with the outside world is mysteriously cut off begin to suspect each other of being aliens.

    23 "A World of Difference" Ted Post Richard Matheson March 11, 1960

    A businessman (Howard Duff) suddenly finds his life is just a role in a movie.

    24 "Long Live Walter Jameson" Tony Leader Charles Beaumont March 18, 1960

    Walter Jameson (Kevin McCarthy), a professor, has the gift of eternal youth.

    25 "People Are Alike All Over" Mitchell Leisen Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: Paul W. Fairman March 25, 1960

    On a mission to Mars, an astronaut (Roddy McDowall) finds out that people are alike all over.

    26 "Execution" David Orrick McDearmon Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: George Clayton Johnson April 1, 1960

    A criminal about to be executed (Albert Salmi) is brought to the future.

    27 "The Big Tall Wish" Ron Winston Rod Serling April 8, 1960

    A washed-up boxer (Ivan Dixon) has his fate reversed by a child's wish.

    28 "A Nice Place to Visit" John Brahm Charles Beaumont April 15, 1960

    A criminal (Larry Blyden) who is killed in a shootout with the police believes he has made it to Heaven.

    29 "Nightmare as a Child" Alvin Ganzer Rod Serling April 29, 1960

    Schoolteacher Helen Foley (Janice Rule) finds a strange and very serious little girl, named Markie (Terry Burnham), on the stairs outside her apartment.

    30 "A Stop at Willoughby" Robert Parrish Rod Serling May 6, 1960

    An advertising executive (James Daly) who has grown exasperated with the stress of the business life longs to get off a train at a stop called Willoughby.

    31 "The Chaser" Douglas Heyes Teleplay: Robert Presnell, Jr.

    Short Story: John Collier May 13, 1960

    A man (George Grizzard) uses a love potion to win a girl's heart.

    32 "A Passage for Trumpet" Don Medford Rod Serling May 20, 1960

    A down-on-his-luck trumpet player (Jack Klugman) gets a second chance at life.

    33 "Mr. Bevis" William Asher Rod Serling June 3, 1960

    A man (Orson Bean)'s guardian angel tries to improve his life.

    34 "The After Hours" Douglas Heyes Rod Serling June 10, 1960

    Marsha White (Anne Francis) is browsing for a gift for her mother in a department store. After falling asleep and being locked inside, she finds out that she's not the person she thinks she is.

    35 "The Mighty Casey" Robert Parrish

    Alvin Ganzer Rod Serling June 17, 1960

    The coach (Jack Warden) of a broken-down baseball team allows a robot named Casey to play on his team.

    36 "A World of His Own" Ralph Nelson Richard Matheson July 1, 1960

    A playwright (Keenan Wynn) has the power to create whatever he describes on his recording machine.

    Season 2 (1960-1961):

    Six episodes of this season were recorded on videotape (not on film as all other episodes) at CBS Television City, as a cost-cutting measure mandated by CBS programming head James T. Aubrey. They were "The Lateness of the Hour", "The Night of the Meek", "The Whole Truth", "Twenty-Two", "Static", and "Long Distance Call", all of which have a visual appearance which is distinctly different than episodes shot on film. In addition, videotape was a relatively primitive medium in the early 1960s, thus the editing of tape was next to impossible. Each of the 6 episodes was therefore "camera-cut" as in live TV, on a studio sound stage, using a total of four cameras. The requisite multicamera setup of the videotape experiment made location shooting difficult, severely limiting the potential scope of the storylines, and so, the short-lived experiment was abandoned.

    37 "King Nine Will Not Return" Buzz Kulik Rod Serling September 30, 1960

    A World War II bomber, King Nine, has crashed in the desert. Captain James Embry (Robert Cummings) finds himself stranded, alone except for the wreckage and the mystery of what happened to his crew, all of whom have disappeared.

    38 "The Man in the Bottle" Buck Houghton Rod Serling October 7, 1960

    A downtrodden pawnbroker (Luther Adler) and his wife are offered four wishes by a genie.

    39 "Nervous Man in a Four Dollar Room" Douglas Heyes Rod Serling October 14, 1960

    An insecure, unsuccessful gangster named Jackie (Joe Mantell) waits in a cheap, dirty hotel room for his boss - and is harassed by his own reflection.

    40 "A Thing About Machines" David Orrick McDearmon Rod Serling October 28, 1960

    An ill-tempered writer (Richard Haydn) who reviles and constantly abuses machines starts to think machines are conspiring against him.

    41 "The Howling Man" Douglas Heyes Charles Beaumont November 4, 1960

    A man traveling in Europe on foot stumbles across a religious order that has trapped a man it claims is the Devil (Robin Hughes).

    42 "The Eye of the Beholder" Douglas Heyes Rod Serling November 11, 1960

    A disfigured woman (Maxine Stuart, then Donna Douglas) undergoes plastic surgery in order to look more like everyone else.

    43 "Nick of Time" Richard L. Bare Richard Matheson November 18, 1960

    While on his honeymoon, a man (William Shatner) becomes obsessed by a fortune-telling machine which produces uncannily accurate answer cards.

    44 "The Lateness of the Hour" Jack Smight Rod Serling December 2, 1960

    A woman (Inger Stevens) is concerned over her parents' reliance on life-like robot servants.

    45 "The Trouble With Templeton" Buzz Kulik E. Jack Neuman December 9, 1960

    Booth Templeton (Brian Aherne) is a Broadway actor nostalgic for his youth and his late wife. During rehearsals for a new play, he finds himself back in the milieu of his first success in 1927.

    46 "A Most Unusual Camera" John Rich Rod Serling December 16, 1960

    While robbing an antique shop, two thieves (Fred Clark, Jean Carson) find out that they have stolen a future predicting camera.

    47 "The Night of the Meek" Jack Smight Rod Serling December 23, 1960

    A drunk, out-of-work department store Santa (Art Carney) finds a magical sack that can create Christmas presents and soon becomes the real Santa Claus.

    48 "Dust" Douglas Heyes Rod Serling January 6, 1961

    An unscrupulous peddler (Thomas Gomez) sells a bag of "magic dust" to the family of a condemned man.

    49 "Back There" David Orrick McDearmon Rod Serling January 13, 1961

    A man (Russell Johnson) who has traveled back through time tries to stop Lincoln's assassination.

    50 "The Whole Truth" James Sheldon Rod Serling January 20, 1961

    A used car dealer (Jack Carson) finds he's purchased a car that makes him tell the truth.

    51 "The Invaders" Douglas Heyes Richard Matheson January 27, 1961

    A woman (Agnes Moorehead) living in isolation is terrorized by space aliens.

    52 "A Penny for Your Thoughts" James Sheldon George Clayton Johnson February 3, 1961

    A man (Dick York) gains the ability to read minds when a coin he flips stands on its edge.

    53 "Twenty-Two" Jack Smight Rod Serling February 10, 1961

    A stripper (Barbara Nichols) recuperating in the hospital is haunted by nightmares of a nurse leading her to a morgue.

    54 "The Odyssey of Flight 33" Justus Addiss Rod Serling February 24, 1961

    An airliner traveling from London to New York travels back in time.

    55 "Mr. Dingle, the Strong" John Brahm Rod Serling March 3, 1961

    In an experiment, two Martians give vacuum-cleaner salesman and perennial loser Luther Dingle (Burgess Meredith) superhuman strength.

    56 "Static" Buzz Kulik Charles Beaumont March 10, 1961

    A man's (Dean Jagger) old radio plays programs from the past that only he can hear.

    57 "The Prime Mover" Richard L. Bare Charles Beaumont March 24, 1961

    Ace Larsen (Dane Clark) discovers his partner, Jimbo Cobb (Buddy Ebsen), has telekinetic powers after a car crashes outside their café.

    58 "Long Distance Call" James Sheldon Charles Beaumont, William Idelson March 31, 1961

    A boy (Billy Mumy) receives phone calls from his recently deceased grandmother on the toy phone she gave him.

    59 "A Hundred Yards Over the Rim" Buzz Kulik Rod Serling April 7, 1961

    While searching alone for water, the leader (Cliff Robertson) of a 1847 wagon train ends up in the future.

    60 "The Rip Van Winkle Caper" Justus Addiss Rod Serling April 21, 1961

    A gang of gold thieves use suspended animation to escape to the future.

    61 "The Silence" Boris Sagal Rod Serling April 28, 1961

    A man (Liam Sullivan) makes a bet that he can go without speaking for a year.

    62 "Shadow Play" John Brahm Charles Beaumont May 5, 1961

    A man (Dennis Weaver) convicted of murder tries to convince those about to execute him that it's all just a recurring nightmare of his.

    63 "The Mind and the Matter" Buzz Kulik Rod Serling May 12, 1961

    Mr. Archibald Beechcroft (Shelley Berman) uses mental powers to change the world he lives in.

    64 "Will the Real Martian Please Stand Up?" Montgomery Pittman Rod Serling May 26, 1961

    A group of bus travelers find that there is an extra person when they stop at a diner.

    65 "The Obsolete Man" Elliot Silverstein Rod Serling June 2, 1961

    In a future totalitarian society where books have been banned, librarian Romney Wordsworth (Burgess Meredith) is put on trial for the crime of being obsolete.

    Season 3: (1961–1962)

    66 "Two" Montgomery Pittman Montgomery Pittman September 15, 1961

    A man (Charles Bronson) and a woman (Elizabeth Montgomery), survivors from opposite armies of an apocalyptic world war, meet in a deserted, war-ravaged town.

    67 "The Arrival" Boris Sagal Rod Serling September 22, 1961

    After a plane arrives without a crew or passengers, Grant Sheckly (Harold J. Stone), an FAA inspector, tries to solve the mystery.

    68 "The Shelter" Lamont Johnson Rod Serling September 29, 1961

    During a nuclear attack warning neighbors try to break into their friend's (Larry Gates) fallout shelter.

    69 "The Passersby" Elliot Silverstein Rod Serling October 6, 1961

    A woman (Joanne Linville) waits for her husband on the porch of her war-damaged house, while a stream of soldiers pass by during the Civil War.

    70 "A Game of Pool" Buzz Kulik George Clayton Johnson October 13, 1961

    Pool shark Jesse Cardiff (Jack Klugman) challenges long dead pool great Fats Brown (Jonathan Winters) to a game to find out who's the best player.

    71 "The Mirror" Don Medford Rod Serling October 20, 1961

    A revolutionary leader (Peter Falk) sees enemies everywhere, including his mirror.

    72 "The Grave" Montgomery Pittman Montgomery Pittman October 27, 1961

    An old west hired gun (Lee Marvin) goes to the grave of his enemy on a dare.

    73 "It's a Good Life" James Sheldon Teleplay: Rod Serling. Short Story: Jerome Bixby November 3, 1961

    The residents of a small town must pretend they are happy in order to placate a young boy (Billy Mumy) who has terrifying mental powers.

    74 "Deaths-Head Revisited" Don Medford Rod Serling November 10, 1961

    A sadistic former captain in the S.S. (Oscar Beregi, Jr.) returns to the ruins of Dachau concentration camp after the end of World War II and meets someone unexpected.

    75 "The Midnight Sun" Anton Leader Rod Serling November 17, 1961

    A woman (Lois Nettleton) tries to survive as the Earth hurtles toward the Sun.

    76 "Still Valley" James Sheldon Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: Manly Wade Wellman November 24, 1961

    A Confederate officer (Gary Merrill) is offered a deal by the Devil to save his side from defeat.

    77 "The Jungle" William Claxton Charles Beaumont December 1, 1961

    A man (John Dehner) working on a dam project in Africa refuses to believe he has been cursed.

    78 "Once Upon a Time" Norman Z. McLeod Les Goodwins Richard Matheson December 15, 1961

    A janitor (Buster Keaton) from the 1890s uses a time helmet he finds in the lab he is cleaning to travel to the future.

    79 "Five Characters in Search of an Exit" Lamont Johnson Teleplay: Rod Serling. Story: Marvin Petal, December 22, 1961

    An Army major in dress uniform (William Windom), a clown, a hobo, a ballet dancer and a bagpiper find themselves in a giant cylinder with no memory of who they are or how they got there.

    80 "A Quality of Mercy" Buzz Kulik Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Story: Sam Rolfe December 29, 1961

    During the final days of World War II, a new gung-ho American lieutenant (Dean Stockwell) orders his war-weary soldiers to attack a group of sick and wounded Japanese soldiers holed up in a cave.

    81 "Nothing in the Dark" Lamont Johnson George Clayton Johnson January 5, 1962

    A woman (Gladys Cooper) in a condemned apartment is scared to let a wounded police officer (Robert Redford) into her home for fear he is Death.

    82 "One More Pallbearer" Lamont Johnson Rod Serling January 12, 1962

    A rich, bitter man (Joseph Wiseman) tries to get three people he feels wronged him to apologize.

    83 "Dead Man's Shoes" Montgomery Pittman Charles Beaumont January 19, 1962

    A homeless man (Warren Stevens) takes a dead man's shoes and is taken over by the personality of the shoes' previous owner.

    84 "The Hunt" Harold Schuster Earl Hamner, Jr. January 26, 1962

    A man (Arthur Hunnicutt) hunting with his dog finds out he has died.

    85 "Showdown with Rance McGrew" Christian Nyby Teleplay: Rod Serling. Story: Frederick Louis Fox February 2, 1962

    A television western hero (Larry Blyden) is taken to task by a ghost from the old west.

    86 "Kick the Can" Lamont Johnson George Clayton Johnson February 9, 1962

    A retirement home resident (Ernest Truex) finds a way to regain his youth.

    87 "A Piano in the House" David Greene Earl Hamner, Jr. February 16, 1962

    A mean-spirited drama critic (Barry Morse) finds out that an old player piano he has purchased causes people to reveal their true feelings.

    88 "The Last Rites of Jeff Myrtlebank" Montgomery Pittman Montgomery Pittman February 23, 1962

    A man (James Best) returns from the dead during his funeral.

    89 "To Serve Man" Richard L. Bare Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: Damon Knight March 2, 1962

    A technologically superior alien race arrives on Earth with a promise to serve mankind.

    90 "The Fugitive" Richard L. Bare Charles Beaumont March 9, 1962

    An alien fugitive (J. Pat O'Malley) hiding on Earth befriends a group of children.

    91 "Little Girl Lost" Paul Stewart Richard Matheson March 16, 1962

    A little girl crawls through an interdimensional doorway that has appeared in her room.

    92 "Person or Persons Unknown" John Brahm Charles Beaumont March 23, 1962

    A man (Richard Long) wakes up in bed to find that his life has been erased.

    93 "The Little People" William Claxton Rod Serling March 30, 1962

    When a spaceship lands on a planet for repairs, one of the crewmen (Joe Maross) finds a tiny society.

    94 "Four O'Clock" Lamont Johnson Teleplay: Rod Serling. Short Story: Price Day April 6, 1962

    A malicious crank (Theodore Bikel) harasses people he deems to be evil.

    95 "Hocus-Pocus and Frisby" Lamont Johnson Teleplay: Rod Serling. Short Story: Frederick Louis Fox April 13, 1962

    A teller of tall tales (Andy Devine) meets a group of aliens.

    96 "The Trade-Ins" Elliot Silverstein Rod Serling April 20, 1962

    In the future, an older couple (Joseph Schildkraut, Alma Platt) can only afford to make one of them young again.

    97 "The Gift" Allen H. Miner Rod Serling April 27, 1962

    A misunderstood alien (Geoffrey Horne) has brought a gift for mankind.

    98 "The Dummy" Abner Biberman Teleplay: Rod Serling. Short Story: Lee Polk May 4, 1962

    A ventriloquist (Cliff Robertson) is controlled by his dummy.

    99 "Young Man's Fancy" John Brahm Richard Matheson May 11, 1962

    A newlywed (Alex Nicol) refuses to let go of the memory of his deceased mother and his childhood home.

    100 "I Sing the Body Electric" James Sheldon William Claxton Ray Bradbury May 18, 1962

    A robotic grandmother (Josephine Hutchinson) helps a widower raise his children.

    101 "Cavender Is Coming" Christian Nyby Rod Serling May 25, 1962

    A guardian angel (Jesse White) tries to help a woman (Carol Burnett) improve her life.

    102 "The Changing of the Guard" Robert Ellis Miller Rod Serling June 1, 1962

    A professor (Donald Pleasence) being forced to retire is visited by the ghosts of the students he inspired.

    Season 4: (1963)

    This season of The Twilight Zone was used as a mid-season replacement for the show that had replaced it on the 1962 fall schedule. To fill the timeslot, episodes were lengthened to one hour and moved to Thursday nights.

    103 "In His Image" Perry Lafferty Charles Beaumont January 3, 1963

    A man (George Grizzard) is troubled by his quickly-aged hometown and strange noises.

    104 "The Thirty-Fathom Grave" Perry Lafferty Rod Serling January 10, 1963

    A Navy destroyer in 1963 discovers a sunken World War II submarine on the ocean floor that's making noise.

    105 "Valley of the Shadow" Perry Lafferty Charles Beaumont January 17, 1963

    A reporter (Ed Nelson) finds an out-of-the-way town that hides amazing technology.

    106 "He's Alive" Stuart Rosenberg Rod Serling January 24, 1963

    An American neo-Nazi (Dennis Hopper) is inspired by the ghost of Adolf Hitler.

    107 "Mute" Stuart Rosenberg Richard Matheson January 31, 1963

    A mute girl (Ann Jillian) with telepathic abilities is orphaned when her parents die in a fire.

    108 "Death Ship" Don Medford Richard Matheson February 7, 1963

    After landing on a planet, a spaceship crew finds an identical wrecked ship with their dead doppelgängers onboard.

    109 "Jess-Belle" Buzz Kulik Earl Hamner, Jr. February 14, 1963

    A woman (Anne Francis) enlists a local witch to win back her sweetheart.

    110 "Miniature" Walter Grauman Charles Beaumont February 21, 1963

    A man (Robert Duvall) who does not fit in falls in love with a doll in a museum display.

    111 "Printer's Devil" Ralph Senensky Charles Beaumont February 28, 1963

    The owner of a failing newspaper (Robert Sterling) is given help by the Devil (Burgess Meredith).

    112 "No Time Like the Past" Justus Addiss Rod Serling March 7, 1963

    A man (Dana Andrews) with a time machine tries to change important past events.

    113 "The Parallel" Alan Crosland, Jr. Rod Serling March 14, 1963

    An astronaut (Steve Forrest) blacks out while orbiting the earth and ends up in a parallel universe.

    114 "I Dream of Genie" Robert Gist John Furia, Jr. March 21, 1963

    A man (Howard Morris) contemplates what to wish for when he is offered only one wish by a genie (Jack Albertson).

    115 "The New Exhibit" John Brahm Charles Beaumont April 4, 1963

    An employee (Martin Balsam) takes the wax figures of five murderers home when the wax museum he works in closes.

    116 "Of Late I Think of Cliffordville" David Lowell Rich Teleplay: Rod Serling. Short Story: Malcolm Jameson April 11, 1963

    An elderly business tycoon (Albert Salmi) makes a deal with a female Devil (Julie Newmar) to go back to his hometown and start life anew.

    117 "The Incredible World of Horace Ford" Abner Biberman Reginald Rose April 18, 1963

    A toy designer (Pat Hingle) nostalgic for his youth returns to the neighborhood he grew up in.

    118 "On Thursday We Leave for Home" Buzz Kulik Rod Serling May 2, 1963

    The leader (James Whitmore) of a group of spaceship crash survivors tries to maintain his control over his people when they are finally rescued after many years.

    119 "Passage on the Lady Anne" Lamont Johnson Charles Beaumont May 9, 1963

    A couple (Lee Philips, Joyce Van Patten) with a troubled marriage end up on a ship voyage with a group of elderly passengers.

    120 "The Bard" David Butler Rod Serling May 23, 1963

    A bumbling script writer (Jack Weston) uses black magic to conjure up William Shakespeare.

    Season 5: (1963–1964)


    121 "In Praise of Pip" Joseph M. Newman Rod Serling September 27, 1963

    A bookie (Jack Klugman) makes the ultimate sacrifice to trade his life for the life of his dying son (Billy Mumy, Bobby Diamond).

    122 "Steel" Don Weis Richard Matheson October 4, 1963

    At a time when human boxing is outlawed, a manager (Lee Marvin) takes the place of his broken robot fighter.

    123 "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" Richard Donner Richard Matheson October 11, 1963

    A man (William Shatner) recovering from a nervous breakdown sees a creature on the wing of the airplane he's on.

    124 "A Kind of a Stopwatch" John Rich Teleplay: Rod Serling. Story: Michael D. Rosenthal October 18, 1963

    A man (Richard Erdman) receives a stopwatch from a stranger in a bar that can stop time.

    125 "The Last Night of a Jockey" Joseph M. Newman Rod Serling October 25, 1963

    A jockey (Mickey Rooney) banned from horseracing for fixing races gets his wish of becoming a "big man" by a man claiming to be his ego.

    126 "Living Doll" Richard C. Sarafian Charles Beaumont November 1, 1963

    A girl receives a talking doll that attacks her step-father (Telly Savalas) for treating its owner poorly.

    127 "The Old Man in the Cave" Alan Crosland Jr. Teleplay: Rod Serling

    Short Story: Henry Slesar November 8, 1963

    A mysterious "old man in the cave" guides a group of townspeople after a nuclear war.

    128 "Uncle Simon" Don Siegel Rod Serling November 15, 1963

    A woman (Constance Ford) kills her domineering uncle (Cedric Hardwicke) to get her inheritance.

    129 "Probe 7, Over and Out" Ted Post Rod Serling November 29, 1963

    Space explorer Adam Cook (Richard Basehart) crash lands on a seemingly deserted planet.

    130 "The 7th Is Made Up of Phantoms" Alan Crosland Jr. Rod Serling December 6, 1963

    A National Guard tank crew begins to see strange things while on war game maneuvers near the Little Bighorn battleground.

    131 "A Short Drink From a Certain Fountain" Bernard Girard Rod Serling December 13, 1963

    An elderly man (Patrick O'Neal) who has a young wife (Ruta Lee) takes an experimental youth serum.

    132 "Ninety Years Without Slumbering" Roger Kay Teleplay: Richard DeRoy. Short Story: Johnson Smith December 20, 1963

    A man (Ed Wynn) fears he will die if his grandfather clock stops.

    133 "Ring-a-Ding Girl" Alan Crosland Jr. Earl Hamner, Jr. December 27, 1963

    A movie star (Maggie McNamara) receives a magic ring from her hometown fan club.

    134 "You Drive" John Brahm Earl Hamner, Jr. January 3, 1964

    A hit-and-run driver (Edward Andrews) is forced by his car to confess after he strikes a boy.

    135 "The Long Morrow" Robert Florey Rod Serling January 10, 1964

    A space explorer (Robert Lansing) on a solitary 40-year mission makes a life-altering decision.

    136 "The Self-Improvement of Salvadore Ross" Don Siegel Jerry McNeely January 17, 1964

    A man (Don Gordon) uses magic to make trades with people to improve himself.

    137 "Number 12 Looks Just Like You" Abner Biberman Charles Beaumont  John Tomerlin January 24, 1964

    In a futuristic society, a young woman (Collin Wilcox) resists undergoing a medical procedure that makes people young and immune to disease.

    138 "Black Leather Jackets" Joseph M. Newman Earl Hamner, Jr. January 31, 1964

    A group of leather jacket-clad bikers turn out to be aliens bent on world domination.

    139 "Night Call" Jacques Tourneur Richard Matheson February 7, 1964

    An elderly, wheelchair-bound lady (Gladys Cooper) receives strange anonymous phone calls overnight when she is alone.

    140 "From Agnes—With Love" Richard Donner Bernard C. Schoenfeld February 14, 1964

    A computer programmer (Wally Cox) has his life upset when the supercomputer he works with falls in love with him.

    141 "Spur of the Moment" Elliot Silverstein Richard Matheson February 21, 1964

    A young woman (Diana Hyland) is terrorized by a mysterious woman on horseback.

    142 "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge" Robert Enrico Short Story: Ambrose Bierce. Adaptation: Robert Enrico February 28, 1964

    A Civil War civilian about to be executed escapes the hangman's noose, but is unable to shake off the mysterious neck pains as he runs home to his wife.

    143 "Queen of the Nile" John Brahm Charles Beaumont March 6, 1964

    A movie actress (Ann Blyth) is interviewed by a columnist who learns the secret of her enduring youth.

    144 "What's in the Box" John Brahm Martin Goldsmith March 13, 1964

    A man's (William Demarest) television starts showing his past, present and future after being repaired.

    145 "The Masks" Ida Lupino Rod Serling March 20, 1964

    During Mardi Gras, an elderly dying man (Robert Keith) uses magical Cajun masks to have his family members see their true selves.

    146 "I Am the Night—Color Me Black" Abner Biberman Rod Serling March 27, 1964

    The sun does not rise on the execution day of a man (Terry Becker) who was wrongly accused.

    147 "Sounds and Silences" Richard Donner Rod Serling April 3, 1964

    A man (John McGiver) who enjoys loudness begins having problems.

    148 "Caesar and Me" Robert Butler Adele T. Strassfield April 10, 1964

    An unsuccessful ventriloquist (Jackie Cooper) starts to commit robberies on the advice of his dummy.

    149 "The Jeopardy Room" Richard Donner Rod Serling April 17, 1964

    A KGB agent (Martin Landau) who is trying to defect is trapped in his hotel room.

    150 "Stopover in a Quiet Town" Ron Winston Earl Hamner, Jr. April 24, 1964

    A married couple (Barry Nelson, Nancy Malone) wake up alone in a deserted strange town after leaving a party the night before.

    151 "The Encounter" Robert Butler Martin Goldsmith May 1, 1964

    A World War II veteran (Neville Brand) and a young Japanese man (George Takei) have a fateful encounter with a sword that is determined to avenge its master.

    152 "Mr. Garrity and the Graves" Ted Post Rod Serling May 8, 1964

    A traveling peddler (John Dehner) offers to raise up the dead in an Old West town.

    153 "The Brain Center at Whipple's" Richard Donner Rod Serling May 15, 1964

    The owner of a manufacturing plant (Richard Deacon) replaces his employees with machines.

    154 "Come Wander With Me" Richard Donner Anthony Wilson May 22, 1964

    A musician, the Rock-A-Billy Kid (Gary Crosby), arrives at a small town in search of a new song.

    155 "The Fear" Ted Post Rod Serling May 29, 1964

    A sheriff (Peter Mark Richman) and a brooding New York socialite find themselves trapped in a remote cabin as unexplained occurrences indicate the presence of a mysterious force.

    156 "The Bewitchin' Pool" Joseph M. Newman Earl Hamner, Jr. June 19, 1964

    Two children (Mary Badham, Jeffrey Byron), neglected by their bickering parents, escape from their unhappy lives to a never-never land by way of their swimming pool.

    Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983)

    This two-hour Twilight Zone movie contains an original prologue and four segments. The first segment, "Time Out", develops the themes of two of the original series episodes ("A Quality of Mercy" and "Deaths-Head Revisited") into an entirely new story. The three remaining segments are remakes of the original series episodes. "Really Scary" John Landis John Landis:  A driver (Albert Brooks) and passenger (Dan Aykroyd) sing, chat and reminisce during a night-time drive, including about episodes of The Twilight Zone they found memorable, before the passenger challenges "Hey, do you want to see something really scary?" The driver's acceptance proves fatal as the passenger reveals he is actually an alien creature.

    1 "Time Out" John Landis, Director, John Landis, actor

    After publicly bemoaning his missing out on a promotion to a Jewish man, a bigot named William Conner (Vic Morrow) is transported through time to experience racial discrimination firsthand, consecutively as a Jew in Nazi-occupied France, a black man about to be lynched by the Ku Klux Klan in the Deep South in the 1950s, a Vietnamese man being hunted by American soldiers during The Vietnam War and then a Jewish man again, caught by the Nazis and sent to the concentration camps.

    2 "Kick the Can" Steven Spielberg, Director. Richard Matheson & Melissa Mathison

    An elderly new arrival who calls himself Mr. Bloom (Scatman Crothers) brings fun and hope into the lives of the residents of the Sunnyvale Rest Home by playing a game of "Kick The Can".

    3 "It's a Good Life" Joe Dante, Director. Richard Matheson

    A school teacher named Helen Foley (Kathleen Quinlan) encounters a young boy named Anthony who has mental powers to get what he wants, but for reasons only he knows.

    4 "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet" George Miller, Director. Richard Matheson

    During an airplane flight through a severe storm, a nervous man named John Valentine (John Lithgow) is the only one who can see a destructive creature on the wing of a plane.

    5 "Even Scarier" John Landis John Landis

    The man who was the driver from the episode (Really Scary) is in an ambulance going to the hospital. The ambulance driver turns out to be none other than the passenger of the car from the prologue (Dan Aykroyd). He says, "Heard you had yourself a bit of a scare back there, did you? Do you want to see something really scary?" Before that can be seen, the screen goes to black and into space as Rod Serling's opening narration from the first season of the original show is heard.

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