Eye Color Change
Wednesday, September 22, 2021
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NewColorIris is a diaphragm that covers or dresses the natural iris. It is implanted in few minutes by a patented painless ambulatory surgery under topical anesthesia. NewColorIris in light green or light blue is positioned into the eyes under topical anesthesia through a controlled and safe ambulatory surgery. Results are instant and amazingly natural. NewColorIris has been designed to stay into the eyes permanently although explanation is feasible. Patients appreciate that unlike cosmetic tinted contact lenses, no one can tell its not your natural iris color as depth and shine are preserved. Patients are able to continue with their lifestyles and even water activities.



If You've ever dreamed of what it would be like; the attention you would get with blue or green eyes, this is one way you can finally make that dream a reality. Color-changing contacts have been around for years, but they are easy to spot. NewColorlris lenses, developed by Panama-based KMD, are surgically implanted on the iris (the procedure takes 15 minutes), with a donutlike hole for the pupil to peep through. The result: a permanent, more natural-looking pair of baby blues.


In Panama and Switzerland now. FDA trials in the United States to begin soon.

A Case Study:

Colorado's Real Estate agent Anita used to have two different color eyes; one was green and one was brown. It was a dramatic difference. "It really bugged me and annoyed me...and it made me feel very uncomfortable,"  She was so self-conscious she wore uncomfortable brown contacts to cover up her mismatched eyes. Then she learned about a new procedure called NewColorIris to change the color of her eyes. But, the procedure has not yet been approved in the Unites States, so the 37-year-old Grand Junction, Colorado, resident traveled all the way to Panama, the only place it's offered. During the procedure, the patient remained awake under local anesthesia. The doctor made a corneal incision, then implanted a lens made of silicon. The entire procedure took only 10 minutes. Doctors warn that any surgery comes with risks, but for Anita, her new eyes really change the way she sees herself.