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Solar System


Welcome to Solar System Scope space traveller, SSS means Astronomy for Everybody. Whether you are a student, astronomy fan or an accidental browser, you are most welcome to play with the user-friendly application. It's full of space-art graphics, has easy-to-use interface with various settings and offers interesting information.


solarsys poster


SSS will illustrate you real-time celestial positions with planets and constellations moving over the night sky.   If you are an active spectator you can visualize and change parameters for a better understanding of happenings in our Solar System and the Universe.


Moons of solar system v7


Enjoy playing:



These beautiful, at times abstract, images are the work of Google Earth View, a collection of the most striking landscape photographs taken by Google Earth satellites with a little color enhancement.




Looking at the Earth from outer space you can see the amazing beauty of it's oceans and lakes, mountains and countryside, glaziers and coasts , pastures, desserts and fertile land. You can see the sun shining through giving energy to our natural resources. At night you can clearly see all the living communities through their shining lights. Lights of hope and promise to guide new generations to an amazing future.  Join Community of Lights and enter a new dimension in cyberspace. Create your own beam of light and meet people with similar passions and interests close to you or from around the globe at: http//www.COFL.CO

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