People Smashed Open Everyday Objects To Reveal The Stuff Hidden Inside
Friday, January 21, 2022
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Every day, we meet all kinds of surprises and unexpected events. Most of them are of minor importance, but sometimes, they are major, or life shaking events of unpleasant nature, causing difficulties and problems. Life is full of surprises and events that sometimes, shatter one’s daily routine. Some of them might be good and some of them not so good. Some are pleasant and others unpleasant. Most people like to be in control of their lives, and therefore, are more at ease living the same kind life every day, following the same routine. People feel safer in a familiar environment, doing the same things every day, without interruptions or changes in their daily. People Smashed Open Everyday Objects To Reveal The Stuff Hidden Inside.



You know what's inside those long lighters you use for candles? A plain old regular lighter




Ever wondered what the inside of a tube of toothpaste looks like?


Rubick Cube

Or been curious about what's actually inside your Rubik's Cube?


gas pump 1 1

How about the inside of a gas pump?


Keurig Cup

Or the inside of a Keurig cup?



air mattress

Have you ever stopped to think about what the inside of an air mattress looks like?


Tape Dispenser

Ever wondered why your tape dispenser was so heavy?

Maybe because there's a giant slab of concrete inside


Bracelets from tape 1

Did you know that slap bracelets are made from old tape measures?


US Quarter

Did you know that US quarters have insides too? They're copper-colored!



Base ball 1

Did you ever realize just how much stuff was hidden inside a baseball?



Fire Hydrants

Did you know how big fire hydrants actually are once you take them out of the ground?


Tissue Box

Have you ever stopped to consider what all those tissues look like when they're inside the box?


Rope made from Diapers

Did you know that many ropes are made from diapers?


DVD rentals

 This is what the inside of a Redbox machine looks like

Soccer Ball

If you cut open a soccer ball, here's what you'll find


Golf Ball

Have you ever even thought about what's inside a golf ball before?

Bowling Ball

Here's the weight that's placed inside bowling balls


Magic 8 Ball

If you crack open a Magic 8 Ball, this is the die you'll find inside:


Can of Paint

If you've ever wondered what that noise is when you shake a can of spray paint, it's a lil' marble:



And if you've ever wondered what's inside a jawbreaker, here you go!



Soda Dispencer

Here's what the inside of a soda dispenser looks like



Cup of Noodles

 Here's what the inside of a cup of instant noodles looks like


Billiar Table

Here are the Innards of a Pool Table



The inside of a guitar kind of looks like a room you could hang out in:



And finally, did you know that ATMs open up like this? Now ya do!