Coronavirus Quarantine - Empty Streets Highways and Bridges Around te World
Thursday, September 23, 2021
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The world is a very different place right now. Amid the coronavirus pandemic, many countries around the world have restricted travel and implemented quarantine measures; others have entered into complete lockdown. Restaurants, bars, and tourist attractions have closed their doors. People are working from home instead of driving to the office. As a result, cities that usually teem with people have turned empty and quiet. (Remember those early scenes of deserted London in 28 Days Later? Things are eerily similar to that right now.)



To give you a glimpse of what a world practicing social distancing looks like, we've rounded up photos of streets, highways, and bridges around the world—sites that usually include bumper-to-bumper traffic and tourists crammed together like sardines—sitting empty.


A Facemask has been Projected onto Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil 

to Promote Safety During the COVID-19 Pandemic

 Pariss famous Montmartre neighborhood  

Paris, France


An empty street in Paris's famous Montmartre neighborhood on March 19, after the announcement by French President Emmanuel Macron of the confinement of all citizens. The strict lockdown came into effect at midday on March 17, prohibiting all but essential outings in a bid to curb the coronavirus spread.



 Buenos Aires Srgentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina


Caminito is a colorful street in the La Boca neighborhood (known for being the birthplace of tango) of Buenos Aires. The busy area sits empty after Argentina's government extended social isolation until April 12.


 San Francisco California

San Francisco, California


Defined by its eight hairpin turns and steep incline, San Francisco's Lombard Street is seen without its usually horde of selfie-takers. Officials in seven San Francisco Bay Area counties have announced plans to extend the shelter in place order until May 1.


 Madrids city center

Madrid, Spain


Madrid's city center was totally empty on March 30. The number of cases of coronavirus in Spain has surpassed 100,000, prompting Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez to announce a lockdown of all non-essential businesses that will last until April 9.


 Ginza one of Tokyos busiest districts

Tokyo, Japan


Ginza, one of Tokyo's busiest districts for shopping and dining, is seen relatively quiet and empty on March 29. The Tokyo metropolitan government asked residents to stay at home as a preventive measure against a surge of new infections.



 London UK

London, U.K.


A deserted Millennium Bridge in London on the morning on March 24. The previous day, the British government ordered citizens to only leave their homes for food, health reasons, and work; restaurants and schools had already been closed in an attempt to slow down the spread of the virus.



Istanbul, Turkey


Hoca Tahsin Street (aka “Umbrella Street”) on March 24 in Istanbul. Turkey has announced the closure of all public events, sporting events, schools and universities, cafes, cinemas, bars and restaurants. The Presidency of Religious Affairs also announced that mosques will be shut for all community prayers and asked citizens to pray at home.


 Los Angeles Ca

Los Angeles, California


Abnormally light traffic passes through the interchange of the 210, 134, and 110 freeways on March 30 in Pasadena, a city in Los Angeles County. Pasadena's Rose Bowl area, which is used by soccer teams, runners, walkers and cyclists, was shut down by police the day before to break up crowds that could spread the virus.



New York City


Empty streets and sidewalks are seen in front of the New York Marriott East Side hotel, located on Lexington Avenue between 48th and 49 Streets, on March 30. Many of New York's most iconic sites are practically empty right now, including Times Square, Grand Central Station, and the Brooklyn Bridge.


 Warsaw Poland

Warsaw, Poland


A lone man walks across a pedestrian crossing on an empty street in the center of Warsaw on March. The Polish government has recently ordered an increased level of restrictions to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus COVID-19.


Champs Elysees Paris



Arguably the most famous street in the world, Paris's Champs-Elysees is shown sans cars on March 25. France has introduced fines for people caught violating its nationwide lockdown measures intended to stop the spread of COVID-19.


 Florida Keys

Florida Keys


The Overseas Highway (which includes the Seven Mile Bridge) stretches for 113 miles, connecting mainland Florida to the Keys. The stretch currently has no traffic. The islands shut their doors to visitors last week, closing hotels and Airbnbs to tourists and banning watersport rentals to promote social distancing.


 Edimburg Scottland

Edinburgh, Scotland


Edinburgh's historic Victoria Street is one of the city's best shopping hubs, with cool independent stores housed inside its row of colorful buildings. The Scottish city recently announced the closure of its summer festivals this year, including the famous Fringe Festival.


 Sintra Portugal

Sintra, Portugal


One of the busiest streets in the historic center of Sintra is deserted, due to the Portugal's state of emergency announced on March 18. Many other transit hubs, museums, and schools across the country have closed due to the pandemic, and people were advised to stay home until early April.


 Pedestrian Walk Hing Kong

Hong Kong


A pedestrian walks along the streets of Lan Kwai Fong in the central area of Hong Kong on March 27. The city put a new regulation into place last week banning public gatherings of more than four people.


 Boston Massachisets

Boston, Massachusetts


State Street is seen empty in Boston, Massachusetts on March 24. Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker issued an order to close all non-essential businesses and an advisory for the public to stay at home that went into effect at noon that same day.


Naples Italy 

Naples, Italy


The entire country of Italy entered into lockdown on March 9, closing all non-essential businesses and restricting citizens from leaving their homes unless for food and health reasons. Here, one of the most historic streets in Naples, via Santa Teresa degli Scalzi, is shown completely deserted.


 Miami Florida

Miami, Florida


In this aerial view from a drone, Ocean Drive is empty after most visitors have checked out of their hotels on March 24 in Miami, Florida. Miami Beach has ordered its hotels to close to visitors in an effort to slow the spread of COVID-19.


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Subway new york city quarantine GettyImages 1208040986

New York City Photos, Subway During Quarantine


Brooklyn Bridge new york city quarantine GettyImages 1207839451

The Brooklyn Bridge


Like most photos of New York City right now, this shot shows a famous landmark with a fraction of its usual crowds. New York Governor Cuomo has extended the state's stay-at-home order until aend of Apri, 2020l.


Grand Central new york city quarantine GettyImages 1216467166

Grand Central Terminal


Grand Central Terminal was mostly empty in the early afternoon hours on April 2. The station typically receives 750,000 visitors every day, making it the second-most visited landmark in New York after Times Square.


Empire State Building new york city quarantine GettyImages 1216301292

Empire State Building


The Empire State Building was lit in red and white to honor healthcare workers in New York City on April 1. The Empire State Building's observatories are currently closed to visitors.

Broadway new york city quarantine GettyImages 1215019170



The Lion King (which is performed at pictured theater) is just one of the Broadway shows that closed its doors due to the city's lockdown. However, some of Broadway's glitz and glamour can still be experienced from home: With a membership or a free seven-day trial, you can stream musicals like Kinky Boots, Cats, and Miss Saigon on Broadway HD.


Times Square new york city quarantine GettyImages 1208889829

Times Square


A pedestrian crosses a nearly empty street in Times Square—New York's most-visited tourist attraction—on Wednesday, April 1. To see the weirdly quiet site for yourself, check out these livestreams. 


Oculus new york city quarantine GettyImages 1208726303



A pedestrian walks past the Oculus in the Financial District on Monday, March 30. The World Trade Center's transit hub typically gets up to 120 million visitors every year.


City Hall new york city quarantine GettyImages 1208889862

City Hall Subway Stop


A commuter wearing a protective masks sits inside a train at the Brooklyn Bridge/City Hall subway station on April 1. This particular stop saw an average of 30,932 weekly riders in 2018, making it the 32nd busiest station out of 472.

Park Avenue new york city quarantine GettyImages 1208706286


Park Avenue


A portion of Park Avenue (between 28th and 34th Street) has been closed to motorists to promote social distancing. The closure is part of a pilot program that blocks cars on one street in the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, and Manhattan during the weekends.


Astoria new york city quarantine GettyImages 1208555502

Astoria, Queens


Numerous small businesses have closed along 30th Avenue in Astoria, Queens (pictured). To find out how you can support New York's local business during the lockdown, check out our guide.


Met new york city quarantine GettyImages 1208248442

The Metropolitan Museum of Art


A man jogs past the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which closed in mid-March and doesn't expect to open again until July. For art lovers stuck at home, America’s largest museum has 360-degree virtual tours of some its most iconic spaces, including the Egyptian Temple of Dendur and the Arms and Armor gallery.


USNS Comfort new york city quarantine GettyImages 1215774118

USNS Comfort


A Coast Guard helicopter flies over the USNS Comfort hospital ship as it arrives to New York on March 30. The ship's 1,000 beds and 12 operation rooms were intended to take non-COVID patients to ease the pressure on New York hospitals. However, the ship only welcomed 20 patients after a week of operation, leading Governor Andrew Cuomo to suggest opening the makeshift hospital to coronavirus patients as well.


Brookfield new york city quarantine GettyImages 1215548724

Brookfield Place


A man walks through a deserted Brookfield Place mall in lower Manhattan on March 29. According to the Brookfield Place website, “[All] common areas of the complex are temporarily closed except to serve as thoroughfares to and from offices for essential operations.”


Bloomingdales new york city quarantine GettyImages 1208726959



Empty streets and sidewalks are seen in front of the Bloomingdale's on Third Avenue on Monday, March 30. Almost all of New York's flagship department stores (including Macy's, Saks Fifth Avenue, and Neiman Marcus) have closed their doors.


Yankee Stadium new york quarantine GettyImages 1215000302

Yankee Stadium


Yankee Stadium was empty on March 26, the scheduled date for MLB Opening Day. The league will only start their season when (or if) the ban on mass gatherings is lifted, there are no travel restrictions within the U.S., and it is medically safe for staff and fans.


"Tell Me the Story About the Virus" 

The Great Realization" by British artist and poet "Probably Tomfoolery". He is a brilliant visual storyteller, utilizing all the tools we have at hand - cameras, creativity and poetry - to create masterpieces.



We are living through unprecedented times. This pandemic has swept through our nations, communities and our homes, touching each and every one of us and changing the way we live in unimaginable ways. But we are not ready to accept this as the new normal. We know where this virus came from, just as we can predict where the next will likely come from. Unless we stop it. It's time to make our voices heard. It's time to say enough is enough. Now that our own vulnerability has been laid bare, it's time to demand #ExtinctionEndsHere -- for all life on earth.