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sophia as a surviver 

 Sophia Loren Spotted in Character on Set for New Film "The Life Ahead" in Bari, Italy


Sophia Loren, 84, looks fantastic in a flowing grey wig on set of new film The Life Ahead as she prepared to make a hotly anticipated return to screens after 10 years. The glamorous screen siren just ended filming her first movie role in almost ten years, for a project directed by her 46-year-old son Edoardo Ponti.This will be the Italian movie legend's hotly anticipated return to screens and fans will see the star take on the role of a Holocaust survivor who spends her time taking care of the children of prostitutes.  




 Sophia being pushed around in a wheelchair by a young boy

As one of the biggest bombshells to star in movies, the Italian actress has chosen to shed her sexy image and star as a wheelchair-bound woman in her son's project.  The film, which is La Vita Davanti in Italian, is directed by the actress' son, Edoardo Ponti. It's based on a book of the same name.


sophia loren 1955 


Sophia is considered one of Italy's national treasures as she is allegedly the biggest movie star to come out of the country. She's every inch the glamorous screen siren, having had a glittering Hollywood career spanning several decades.



Her career started when she was a teenager and went by her birth name Sofia Villani Scicolone. She was first cast as an extra in Mervyn LeRoy's 1951 film Quo Vadis.



Her last film was the 2010 TV movie My House Is Full of Mirrors.


Sophia Loren made a big impression with Penelope Cruz and Nicole Kidman in feature film "Nine" in 2009



But it was not until she met Carlo Ponti that she had her career break through. Carlo renamed her Sophia Loren and was cast for the 1953 film Aida.   

 Sophia Loren 1956

Italian Actress Sophia Loren Arrives in LA in 1956



Her stand-out role was in 1954's The Gold Of Naples, but she became internationally famous from her work in Boy On A Dolphin. In 1958, Sophia became a Hollywood starlet and she was cast in Desire Under The Elms with Anthony Perkins, based upon the Eugene O'Neill play.


 Sophia Loren pictured in 1967 in Hong Kong

Sophia Loren pictured in 1967 in Hong Kong



One of her Most Popular Movies was the 1965 Drama Marriage Italian Style


 Sophia Loren Carlo Ponti

She married her love Carlo in 1966 and they stayed happily married until his death in 2007. The International stars had two children together: Edoardo, 46, who is wed to actress Sasha Alexander, and Carlo Jr, 50. In more recent years, Loren has chosen to stay out of the spotlight and spend time with her family and grandchildren.


 Sophia Loren and Cary Grant 1957 Houseboat

Sophia Loren Co-Starred with Cary Grant in Houseboat in 1957


In 2018 she told the Houston Chronicle, 'Life is life. Enjoy your time here, and aging is part of that time. So enjoy it, too. Take care of yourself.' Sophia also said that she feels lucky to have done well in her career: 'My mother would say that I deserved everything I have. And she was proud of me. My Carlo would just smile.' The star added that for her and Carlo it was 'love at first sight for both of us. We genuinely loved each other.' Sophia said that she feels lucky to have done well in her career, 'My mother would say that I deserved everything I have. And she was proud of me. My Carlo would just smile' 



 August 2,  1969.  On location in Russia, a behind the scenes look at the making of "I Girasoli", Sophia Loren's  movie directed by Vittorio De Sica. The first Italian feature film shot in Moscow, produced by Carlo Ponti. Sophia Loren stars as Giovanna, an Italian woman who marries Antonio (Marcello Mastroianni) 12 days before the outbreak of World War II.


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