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Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Aerial view of the USA 2 

What are the best places to live in each of the 50 states in the USA?  According to Money Magazine, it should be someplace that pairs strong economic and educational performance with affordability, and then ticks other boxes as well: convenience, safety, a pleasant way of life. Every year MONEY picks the Best Places to Live in the U.S. Yet because our strict requirements require towns to thread the needle, some parts of the country tend to show up more than once, while other states miss the list entirely. High-cost areas wind up underrepresented, as do regions that struggle with declining economies.

 big things small town ftsq

Casey is home to the world's largest rocking chair; the world's largest pitchfork and the world's largest golf tee. From the largest mailbox in the world, you can look out on a Main Street that could be in any American small town. This collection has helped the tiny town of less about 3,000 people halfway between St. Louis and Indianapolis loom large on the map. 

avocado tree

If beans are, as is sometimes said, a musical fruit, avocados are produce’s Forrest Gump. Far from being just a simple superfood with a deceptively tough shell, avocados have popped up, persistently, throughout some of the notable political and cultural controversies of the last century, from the War on Fat to the War on Brunch to the looming Tariff War on Mexico. They even endured, in typical hardy fashion, the Great Pea Catastrophe of 2015, which began when the New York Times encouraged its readers to try adding peas to their guacamole. Guac fans the world over didn't just question the Times' taste. They exploded.

924 Bel Air 1

In January 2017,  a Bel Air mansion was listed for $250 million, the most expensive home listed on the American market till today. Previously, the highest recorded sale price in the area was $100 million for two homes sold in 2016 including the Playboy Mansion, and a home in Holmby Hills, Los Angeles which was listed for $150 million.  The most expensive listing, previous to this mansion, was a $195 million mansion in Manalapan, Florida.


It has been estimated that there will be 11.2 billion of us by 2100, according to the UN’s most likely scenario. But this is a projection, not a certainty. There’s an outside chance the world’s population could be as high as 16.6 billion by the end of the century. Or it could be as low as 7.3 billion – that’s fewer people than the 7.5 billion alive today. In all the UN scenarios, though, the population keeps increasing until at least 2050.