Ten Fold Engineering Creates Self-Forming Liveable Structures

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Friday, October 19, 2018
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Imagine if you could push a button to unfold a liveable house anywhere you could have it delivered. It sounds like a sci-fi film about future living, but it's more about physics meets architecture through a new concept by Ten Fold Engineering. The concept behind Ten Fold is simple. The key is a lever. Basically it's a counter-balanced folding assembly that's the DNA for a structure that can unfold from a compacted state (for transportation) to an expanded state.

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Ten Fold Engineering is an IP company based in the UK. Their low tech lever system can theoretically unfold into self-forming, mobile, ready-to-use structures that can be used as consumer, festival or emergency housing or other structures depending on the need.



The company claims the lever system is adaptable with multiple purposes: unfold, unfurl, transform, raise, protect and cover. Because the compacted structure can potentially be installed anywhere it can be delivered, it allows for a repurposing of land, urban or remote, that otherwise would sit idle.



David Martyn, founder and CEO, Ten Fold Engineering, is neither a technologist or an engineer. He's an architect in the most classic sense having created high-end luxury residences for the past 25 years. Throughout his career he began to think about space and housing issues and wondered if there was a way to use technology to change the way we view housing and spaces around us.



 Simple technology that allows space, people and the things they live and work with, to be where and when they are needed, such as Versatile, self-deploying, relocatable buildings. 



Instant stages and presentation platforms. Barriers that resist huge forces with ease but open and close with almost no power and adjust to the width of the road.  Technology that offers new ways to improve performance, increase agility and save time.  


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Ten Fold’s family of counterbalanced folding linkages are designed to bring mobility, speed, ease and reliability to your products and services.


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