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Thursday, May 26, 2016
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This photo was found by a gentleman named Bob Martin a few years ago. Martin was reading David McCullough's book Truman, and a photo of construction in the White House caught his eye. It was taken during remodeling of the White House around 1950 by the National Parks Service photographer Abbie Rowe. The apparent apparition is clear and startling. Compared to the other men in the photo, its size scale is accurate. And if this were due to some motion or long exposure effect, the rest of the photo should be affected, as well.






THE LEGEND: After the death of his 11 year old son Willie, President Abraham Lincoln became withdrawn and fearful of his own demise.  He turn into the supernatural hoping to get in touch with Willie. Even though his presidency ended with his assassination in 1865, the claim is that Lincoln’s spirit never left the White House.  Several presidents and their guests have “witnessed” his apparition in the Lincoln bedroom. It is also said he likes to roam the second floor hallway and knock on bedroom doors. Even President Barack Obama and first lady Michelle report hearing strange noises in the wee hours of the night, but after investigating finding no one in sight.

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